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Who Made Your Socks?

Who Made Your Socks?

Who made my clothes

At Escuyer believe that fashion has to be made in a safe, clean and beautiful way. Where creativity, quality, environment and people are valued equally.

We are keeping our production local, sustainable and from high-quality.
The factory we are working with is located in Europe, Portugal 80 km from Porto. We visit the facility often and have forged a strong relationship with the owner Ricardo, whose family has been in the garment industry for many years.

Producing in Portugal not only means that we can visit the factory often and control the quality easily. It also means that the workers are guaranteed high minimum wages and that factories have to respect strict legal requirements & social responsibility.
The family is dedicated to maintaining their quality and craftsmanship and treating employees well.

Have a look at who and how Escuyer's socks are made:

 Who made your socks

Escuyer socks at the factory

Socks making menswear

Escuyer socks at the factory

Sustainable production - fashion - Escuyer

colorful men socks - sustainable production - Escuyer

Click here to see more pictures of our sock factory 

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