Privacy Policy


  1. Disclaimer


            Basicsneed SPRL may at times collect personal information from you in order to complete its services. The information collected will in no way be sold or distributed to third parties other than to fulfill our customers’ orders (PayPal, Magento, and shipping companies etc.).


  1. Personal Data


            (i) The personal data users submit to Basicsneed SPRL will remain private.


            (ii) Basicsneed SPRL makes use of “Cookies” to recognize when you move from page to page within or beyond a website so that any information you have entered is remembered. For example, if an e-commerce site did not use session cookies then items placed in a shopping basket would disappear by the time you want to checkout. Visitors have the option to accept or disable cookies at any time through their browsers but disabling them will risk hindering their online shopping experience.

            (iii) We collect general statistics to track user trends on our site. These statistics focus on hits to our server, primarily concerned with page views and navigational patterns. The information collected is completely anonymous and provides us with no personally identifying information regarding site visitors. We will be analyzing shopping behavior and assign individual actions to anyone who haslogged in or provided an email address. This data allows us to track where users are coming from. We use this to determine areas of high traffic and conclude the most effective ways to reach users.