Escuyer Subscriptions


Escuyer Subscriptions

Escuyer offers subscriptions of socks and t-shirts for men who want more free time and quality basics.


At Escuyer we believe that most men prefer to do other things with their free time than go shopping for basics.

The name Escuyer comes from ‘Esquire in old french. As in the Middle Ages the squire was there to help the knight, today the brand Escuyer is there to help men by offering them quality essentials and more free time.


Escuyer is more than a conventional underwear brand.

We offer men an internet-based subscription program that makes buying premium quality basics easy. By choosing a subscription you will save precious time and continually have fresh basics delivered at regular intervals.

Escuyer does not only offer a selected range of well-designed basic apparels, we also introduce our customers into a particular world with our own lifestyle, culture and interests.


Escuyer’s essentials are designed to be elegant, simple and perfect for everyday use.

We offer a unique internet-based subscription that will allow you to save precious time and continually have fresh basics in your drawers delivered at 3, 4 or 6-month intervals. If you prefer not to subscribe, Escuyer‘s items can also be bought individually.

The extra free time can be used to read the diverse topics on our website as well as experiencing them in reality.

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